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Paddles. The most personal piece of gear you'll ever own is your paddle. If you want to get really good, don't keep changing your paddle: get a good one and if you're growing, get one that will grow with you by means of an extending shaft. Talk to Jez or Wendy for advice before you spend a couple of hundred quid.

What's in our kit bag?

Here's some basic easy to find stuff that's a good idea to have and use.


A fairly waterproof kit bag and your own squeezy thing of hand sanitizer. If you wear spec's, a spec case so your 'Bans don't get crushed.


Towels are really useful. Some people like to have their own mat to stand on.


Keys: On string round your neck or in a waterproof pouch?

Winter Slalom Training

Mark is wearing the usual thin shoes so he fits in his slalom boat. Long wetsuit trousers and a thick thermal layer under his paddling cag. This is thick Gore-tex with latex wrist seals. His neoprene spray-deck helps keep him warm. He is wearing a close fitting competition buoyancy-aid and a light-weight helmet.

Summer Slalom Training

Connor is wearing the usual tiny shoes and boardies. Brrr  ...

He has on a thin wicking layer  under his cagdeck. A cagdeck is a combined cag and spray-deck which is lighter and slimmer fitting than seperates, but not as warm. He is wearing a slim-line competition buoyancy aid and a light-weight helmet. He often paddles under flood-lights, so he wears a white helmet.

Winter River-Running

Jon has on substantial neoprene boots. His water-proof trousers and cag have latex ankle and wrist seals and a neoprene neck seal. His buoyancy-aid has loads of pockets. Under all that water-proof kit he is wearing thermal long-johns and a thin thermal tee-shirt and fleece jumper.


Jon's helmet is a bright colour so that we can see where he is as he swims down rapids. It's got great head coverage and it fits well enough to stay in place when things go wrong.


His spray-deck is seperate from his cag (ie it's not a cag-deck) because river running, you never know when you might want to wriggle out of it.

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Club Clothing


Be identified as one of us in these top quality BradBing CC hoodies,

polo shirts and tees.

The club logo, here, is printed back and front.


Thursday 30th May

Club night                            Judith

1st June

New membership year begins.                                                     Wendy

1st and 2nd June

1st Aid training.                        Mark

Thursday 6th June

Club night                               Judith

Committee meets                    Mark

Tuesday 11th June 7.15pm

Pool sesh

Friday 14th June 9-11am

Fire Service training             Wendy

Thursday 29th Aug - Sun 1st September

Bingley Festival

Bands playing at the club. Entry with your membership card for paddling and take boats out well before if needed. Staying to listen for long? Buy a ticket.

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