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Go Paddling Toolkit: Where?



Just off the A19. An artificial course which is Div 1 and Prem level water. Opening times vary. Pay to paddle all day. It's a grand day out and a shortish drive.



Bury. A mile of G2 then paddle back up on a canal! A WWR course and fun weir. It's nice in lowish levels and there's a cafe. Path on the side and parking.



Good at 0.55 at Nibthwaite. 0.4 is the lowest to bother but good for beginners. 0.7 and it's fast and in the trees. Holds its level for a few days.



Local dam releases. Map below. Fast, little and £10 for adults to paddle. Park and play or run the whole river at G2/3. See below to plan your trip.



Killington 0.5 with no rain falling gives a long Grade 1/2 cruise to Devils from Rawthay Confluence, great for Opens, novices and a leisurely cruise.



Our favourite North-East coast surf spot with chip shop, beach and car-park. Check the surf forecast before you go. About 1.5 hrs drive away: take a map.



Canoe England NW site. Facilities just outside Lancaster. Check access first as they share the river with fishing friends and the level changes quickly.



Park and paddle or use as the end of a Ure cruise: great facilities with a tiny charge to park. A long stretch of G2/3 and gets big after rain:

The Slenbezi!



Dam release river outside Bala. Spot on Grade 3/4 paddling do-able in a day on a tank of fuel. Camping etc. Pay and play. 

A few releases a week.



Rainchasers is a paddlers' guide to river levels. Verify with Environment Agency data though! Your own judgement has to come into any decision to paddle.




The Washburn is a swift river running between two dams. Water is released on a schedule to suit paddlers. It's controlled and reliable.


Facilities include car parking, toilets and often a shuttle and catering on release days. There's a £10 charge for the day.


The water is generally cold and warm gear even in summer is a good idea.


The top section is quick and interesting and is the site of Div 2 and 1 slaloms. Further down, the river becomes chunker and a Prem race used to be held here. There is a footpath bank-side all the way down.


It'sa beautiful place to paddle and meeting place for paddling friends.


Where is Sleningford?


Sat 16th Sun 17th November

Training at Lee Valley Olympic and Legacy courses  Mark

Tuesday 19th November

Pool night - yes, the 19th this month.

Session 1: 7.15-8.00pm

Session 2: arrive 7.50pm and in pool for 8.00pm with 8.45pm finish.                              Mags

Thursday 21st November

Club night               Judith

Sat 23rd November 12 - 1.30

Everyone: club handicap slalom  Mark

Thursday 28th November

Club night               Judith

Sat 1st December

9.30-4.00 Glasshoughton Centre: Dry Training for competetive paddlers.                                  Mark

Sun 15th December

HPP trip. Div 2 and above.      Mark

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