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Have a look below at what folk wear and then go to What to Wear Specifics for more info.

What's in our kit bag?

Here's some basic easy to find stuff that's a good idea to have and use.


Club branded kit is highly fashionable and will make you the envy of all your friends.


Then a fairly waterproof kit bag and your own squeezy thing of hand sanitizer. If you wear spec's, a spec case so your 'Bans don't get crushed.


Towels are really useful. Some people like to have their own mat to stand on.


Your own roofrack straps are handy even if you don't have your own roofrack yet. Get good ones so you don't compromise your driver who is responsible for the safety of the load.


Keys: On string round your neck or in a waterproof pouch?

Gear lists

Jon is kitted up for a winter river trip


Jon wears chunky neoprene boots. His water-proof trousers and cag have seals so he stays completely dry. His buoyancy-aid has loads of pockets. Under all that, he is wearing thermal long-johns and a thin thermal tee-shirt and fleece jumper.


Jon's helmet is a bright colour so that we can see where he is as he swims down rapids. It's got great head coverage.


His spray-deck is seperate from his cag (ie it's not a cag-deck) because on a long day out, you never know when you might want to wriggle out of it.


Getting this gear on and off again can count as your daily 30 minutes of strenuous exercise.

Mark: winter training at the club


Mark is wearing the usual thin shoes with no laces so he fits in his slalom boat. Long wetsuit trousers and a thick thermal layer under his paddling cag. This is waterproof and has wrist seals. His neoprene spray-deck helps keep him warm.


He is wearing a slim competition buoyancy-aid and a light-weight helmet.

Connor: an hour or so on the water in the summer.


Con is wearing tiny neoprene shoes and boardies and we hope he has something on under his cag-deck. A cagdeck is a combined cag and spray-deck which is lighter and slimmer fitting than seperates. He is wearing a slim-line competition buoyancy aid and a white helmet: great under flood lights.


How safe is Connor in this minimal gear?


Very safe in our opinion. He has the fitness and skill to keep moving and so keep warm and he hardly ever swims out of his boat so leg protection is not an issue for him.


New skills links

We've added links to a podcast on decision making in adventure sports as well as a link to an on-line resource for pepping up your sessions. CLICK!

Our week's sessions

have changed!

New is Sunday mornings which, if there isn't a trip, is going to be two sessions for any age paddler. Focus on fun and technique. It depends what time you get up.

Winter kit

Colder weather is here and the river's coming up.

Check out what you should be wearing on the river.


WhatsApp is used to organise some groups and activities.

Don't miss out!

See what groups there are and get involved.

Members can borrow boats and paddles. Talk to Paul Ford or James Taylor if you want to take some gear away on loan.

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