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Kit lists and suppliers

Wondering what to get and where to get it?

The Pool



Swimming costume                Towel


The Works

Goggles                                  Tee-shirt (not cotton)

Shorts eg boardies                 Thin water shoes only use in a swimming pool

The River


Minimum personal kit

Close fitting thermals - no cotton

A cag with a waist seal and wrist seals

Spec band (if you wear spec's)

Somewhere for your car key

A towel


Then ...


Head: your own helmet

Head note: a bright colour and well fitting so that we can find you swimming down a rapid and see you under flood lights


Hands: short pogies or gloves

Hand notes: long pogies are difficult to get your hands in and out of. Some of our members wear gloves and finding the right ones is interesting


Legs: Wetsuit trousers or over-trousers

Leg notes: "prebent' wetsuit trousers mean no creases while you're sat in a boat and they have a lovely high back. Long legs protect you from knocks and the cold. Beware very high waisted trousers or bib and brace. If you want to know why, ask us using the contact form or see Wendy.


Torso: thermal top(s) and long sleeved paddling cag

Torso notes: paddlesport specific thermals or fleece jumpers two sizes down so they're skin-tight. Cags need wrist and a waist seal plus a sealable neck to keep you dryish and warm. It's not safe to wear a second separate deck over a cag-deck


Bouyancy aids: if you're planning to do river trips away from our immediate bit of river, you'll need one with pockets for gear, snacks and maps.


Feet: Something sturdy

Foot notes: thick wetsuit boots or wetsuit socks inside trainers with the laces tucked away are common. Make sure you'll fit in your boat beforehand


Paddles and Boats:

Wait, try, talk. Then start lashing out your hard-earned ...

Recommended shops

Club kit from Sally


rash vests, thermal rash vests, footwear, spraydecks, drysuits, prebent wetsuit trousers, luggage by mail order. Cheaper end of market, robust and good looking.



Your local shop where you can try stuff on. They have river running and pool stuff. They will price match for club members. You may want to take your membership card with you. Give them a ring 01924 444888 to check stock's in etc.


North East Kayaks

Has a reputation for being a bit cheaper than Roho but you can't try stuff on as easily and you have to travel or shop by mail order.


Reed Their dry-cags and trousers are fleece lined and hard wearing. Best if you send them your measurements so the seals fit. They make to measure for non-standard people. Their Transpire base layers are awesome for winter and their low-profile pogies look really good.


Slalom gear Buy second hand at the club or talk to Sally for Frog or Peak stuff. As you go up the divisions there will be trade stands so buy your new stuff there where you can check it fits.


New skills links

We've added links to a podcast on decision making in adventure sports as well as a link to an on-line resource for pepping up your sessions. CLICK!

Our week's sessions

have changed!

New is Sunday mornings which, if there isn't a trip, is going to be two sessions for any age paddler. Focus on fun and technique. It depends what time you get up.

Winter kit

Colder weather is here and the river's coming up.

Check out what you should be wearing on the river.


WhatsApp is used to organise some groups and activities.

Don't miss out!

See what groups there are and get involved.

Members can borrow boats and paddles. Talk to Paul Ford or James Taylor if you want to take some gear away on loan.

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