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How to start with us

Start on the river


Want to join us on the river on a Thursday evening? It's £5 and you can paddle with us 4 times without being a member. You need to let us know you want to come and by giving us at least 48 hours notice using the form below so that we can organise coaches. There's more info here. Well, that's what our usual system is. Right now, we're not taking new beginners as many of our coaches are away on their holidays. Do get in touch and we'll put you on our waiting list or check out other routes into the club below.


Other ways of joining in


2 The pool. Weather's cold or you want to develop your roll and other falling in skills.


3 Paddled before and want to try us out a few times to see if we suit you.


4 Join. You've met us, like canoeing and might even have been a member before and want to join.


Thursday 23rd August

Club night!                             Judith

Thursday 30th August

Club night                              Judith

Pies                                      Wendy

Thursday 6th September

Club night!                             Judith

Tuesday 11th September

Pool session! Yay, warm blue water.                                                  Cath

Thursday 13th September

Club night!                             Judith

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