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We have a Facebook group! It's for club members only. If you want to join it, have a word with Mark Fairbrass.




The door is secured by a code and a key. The door code is only available from Mike Sheffield. Do not disclose the code to anyone - not even if you think they're a club member. After any breach of security, we change the code and take disciplinary action.




Keys can be bought from Mike for £6. If you decide canoeing's not for you, please return them.




You should feel safe, respected and your equipment should be safe. Don't tolerate anything less. Tell Tony Maslin or Wendy if bad stuff is happening. If they're doing it to you, they'll be doing it to someone else too and we need to know so we can stop it.




Make sure photo's are of people who are dressed. If you wish to put a photo of someone on any shared media, eg Facebook or a web-site, you should get their permission. The club site is not a public place and our CofC's about respectful behaviour apply to photography.




Your emergency cards are stored in the Bank Box. Decide what info you share: this is discreet but not private. Think about what to put on the card should we need to give it to an ambulance crew or ring your other half etc. Allergies? Next of kin? Medication? See Mike.




Brought a non-member to paddle with you? Get them to sign in and PAY THEIR FEE.




If you want to borrow a club boat to use off site,  book it out. There's a charge for our boats. Check that it's available and then let Wendy know to secure your use.



Dogs should be on a lead like the sign at the grounds entrance says. We can't have dog whoopsies on the river banks where we do rescues, carry boats and stand to coach. Also, unfortunatley there is nowhere on site to safely leave dog poo so you'll have to take it away with you. Having said that, we like dogs.




Our coaches are volunteers or British Canoeing staff. They should only be doing what they've agreed to do. So if you want to join a session, make sure it's agreed before you get changed. If you want to paddle nearby, be self sufficient. Coaches are responsible for their group, not for you.




To store your own boat at the club, contact Mike Sheffield. One year costs £25. It's a service only available for members' boats.




If we have to tell you how to respect others' equipment, perhaps you could join a different club, please.


Thursday 18th January

Club night                              Judith

Thursday 25th January

Club night                              Judith

Saturday 10th February

Slalom training: full runs          Mark

Tuesday 20th February

Pool                                         Cath

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