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Want to organise a river trip? You'll need to have a Level 3 coach supporting it. Chat with one of them and then let Wendy know the date and proposed grade of your trip, along with any other info to go on the web-site.


Another way to go about it is to make a suggestion to one of the Trustees and work with us so we can ensure a safe trip.

Wednesday to Friday 25th - 27th October                                                                        Shaun


Spiling work


The Forest of Bradford volunteers [a band of 5 or 6] will be on site to do spiling work [weaving live willow into the bank to create a revetment] on 25,26,27th October. 10.30-3.30PM

Saturday 28th October                                                                                                    Paul Ford


Maintenance Day


Nice early start and wear warm clothes that can get mucky. Wellies or steelies are a good idea.

To do:


This is a list of jobs that I’ve seen that need doing.  There is the regular PPM list on top of this.


  • 1x river flood light – I have bought new lamps but the casing screws are seized solid so the light will have to be taken down.  Cap screws should be used to replace the plain head screws.
  • 1x upstairs light fitting – to replace the damaged plastic guard pointed out by inspection.
  • 1x boat bay strip light – replace with LED ‘tube’.
  • Repair bridge lights.  Cable has been cut.  I need to buy an IP66 connector box with outdoor glands.
  • Clear some fallen branches out of the river under the bridge.
  • Tighten some of the SWR gate suspension lines.  Possibly put one missing line back up at the top of the course.
  • Cut down a broken tree branch at the top of the course.
  • Put Shaun’s rocks in the river.
  • Replace the key operated pedestrian door lock.
  • Cut the grass for the last time before winter.
  • Sort out the old, unwanted paddles.  Consider buying replacements.
  • Check the BA’s and spray decks.  Consider buying replacements.
  • Clean out the gutters.


Brace yourselves!

Thursday 16th November                                                                                                    Wendy                                        

Club Annual General Meeting


This evening, the only evening in the year, there is no planned club session.


The annual general meeting will involve:


Food served at 7.30pm: meat or veggie: please order in advance but the club pays.

Meeting begins 8pm with the following draft agenda, to be firmed up nearer the time:



Review of the year - Chair

Financial report - Treasurer

Other reports -

Awards for outstanding achievements

Election of trustees - Wendy's term as acting chair terminates. Nominees for Chair please. Mark Fairbrass is standing, nominated by Wendy.

All other trustees are happy to continue for at least one year but more trustees are definitely needed so let Wendy know if you have any inclings.

The future of the club will probably then be discussed: development planning consultation.

Thursday 4th January or Friday 5th January 2018                                                           Wendy                                        

Darren Clarkson-King speaking at the club


How I accidentally made a living from kayaking


Since 1995 Darren has been paddling around the world, since 2000 he has concentrated his efforts in the Himalayas. From first descents, speed descents and writing books he still manages to run a boutique adventure company – Pure Land Expeditions. We are pleased that he will be visiting us on..... to deliver a talk with highlights about 34 seasons in the Himalaya.


Proceeds after expenses go to help out Darren and we'll post up ticket things when we have more info.

More river bank fun stuff to come


  • Bradford Environmental Education Service or Yorkshire Wildlife Trust will be on site planting, grubing out and and managing the habitats along the South Facing river banks on 2 Fridays in October.
  • Yorkshire Wildlife Trust will be putting together a Management Plan for the site and folk with an interest can join them. Exact dates in  November to be agreed
  • In addition to this Forest of Bradford will be out Stem injecting Japanese Knotweed on Wednesday 27th September. Open to Canoe Club members.
  • There will also be a couple of planting days in December.  


Wed - Fri 25th - 27th October

River bank protection work   Shaun

Thursday 26th October

Club night is slalom h'cap racing!

Let Wendy know if you're staying for pies after.                 Judith Mark

Saturday 28th October

Club maintenance day and wild BBQ!                      Paul and Shaun

Thursday 3rd November

Club night                              Judith

Committee meets                 Wendy

Tuesday 14th November

Pool                                         Cath

Thursday 16th November

AGM 7 for 7.30

Ideas, proposals and nominations for trustees in good time, please.                                               Wendy

Thursday 4th January 2018

Visiting speaker

Darren Clarkson-King on Himalayan paddling.

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